V-seal single hung

Why glass is so important


Nearly 65% of a window’s surface area is made up of glass. That’s why it’s so important to choose windows that carry “insulated” glass units.”Insulated” glass is, in essence, a glass sandwich. And just like a good sandwich, it’s what’s in the middle that counts. That’s why Duralite® flexible spacer systems can be found between the glass in every Viviano window. With its warm edge technology, Duralite® sets a new standard for efficiency and performance. Duralite® is the only proven product that has:

  • Documented superior performance in the retention of Argon Gas
  • The highest “R” value / lowest “U” value in the industry
  • Compatibility with the highest performance Low-E glass


  • Bronze Glass
    More tint to reduce glare
  • Obscure Glass
    Privacy without shades or blinds.
    Perfect for bathrooms or dressing rooms.


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