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V-Seal Double-Hung Windows

Featuring a classic design, double-hung windows are a very popular choice of homeowners. They have two sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning and slide up and down for maximum ventilation.

Double-Hung Windows
3 Lite Slider Window

V-Seal slider window

A slider window is a horizontal window with sashes that independently slide back and forth. This window provides a contemporary look and is a popular option for spaces with more horizontal than vertical space.

V-Seal Tilt-N-Slide Slider Windows

A twist on conventional horizontal sliders, the Tilt-N-Slide windows have sashes that independently slide back and forth plus swing in to make cleaning easy.

Tilt-N-Slide Slider Window
Casement Windows

V-Seal casement windows

These windows are attached to one side of the frame with a hinge. V-Seal’s casement windows open with a crank and feature a fold-away nesting handle as well as a multi-point locking system.

V-Seal Picture windows

Picture windows – sometimes referred to as fixed windows – fill large spaces in a wall. They provide an expansive view, let light pour into a space and increase the curb appeal of your home.

Picture Windows
Bay and Bow Windows

V-Seal Bay and Bow Windows

These multi-panel windows have at least three sections that are set at different angles to project beyond the exterior wall of your home. V-Seal handcrafts every bay and bow window to your specifications.

V-Seal garden windows

V-Seal garden windows are designed to let in maximum light to create a healthy growing environment for plants, while still maintaining energy efficiency.

Garden Windows
Single-Hung Windows

V-Seal Single-Hung Windows

This is the most basic type of window. It features a fixed upper sash as well as a movable lower sash, which slides up to let in fresh air and tilts in for easy cleaning.

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