In this Myths section we will some fun and share information for your review to help you make the best buying decision. Basically what you should consider when looking for the right company. We will also have fun posting as well. We invite your feedback and suggestions on topics. You can also send us suggested postings of your good and maybe not so good experience. Keep in mind that people have different positions on just about everything. What we share here is our position for your consideration and information.

“Five Stars” ratings to a “One Star” rating.

Are you assured of a great job from a company that seems to have a lot of Five Star rating?
Alternatively should you avoid a company with has One Star ratings?
Surprisingly the answer is NO to both questions. You may be asking yourself why.
Here are things to consider.
There are services available to help companies get Five Star ratings.
There are services available to help post One Star rating for competitors.

You may think Google and other web service companies would be sure to oversee what is being posted.
The Sad answer is No. Most will not allow a response or even a way to have false rating removed.
Their excuses are – They can’t police every posting and loosely reference free speech.
Also no matter how good a company is they will get “One Start Rants” from people they decline to do business with or some who could not be pleased if they received a great job for free.

We will use Google for our example here. As you will see they do not seem to care at all.
Google you would think is a reliable company however they have nothing in place for easy response or a means of correcting and wild or false posting. They provide no email address or phone number to respond. Simply go hire a lawyer and try to fight us?

Google did post 2 – Five Star Ratings for customers we did work for.

Google has also posted three “One Star” and one “Three Star” rating with no foundation or research in any manner.

Gregory Groves – “Three Star” We have no idea who he is. We have not done any work for him.
Google offers no solution to removing or contesting this posting.

William Wright- “One Star” We have no idea who he is. We have not done any work for him.
Google offers no solution to removing or contesting this posting.

Mr. & Mrs. Powderly – Who we declined to do work for because they would not enter into a signed sales agreement. Katherine would not sign our sales agreement [according to Bernie] and Bernie due to his abusive language to me about the correct way we install new brick mold for a new storm door. We agreed to give them a full refund of their deposit Plus an additional $130.00 to them to go our separate ways with the agreement that this is a satisfactory conclusion to our attempt to do business.

By all means draw your on conclusions to this Myth. We simply want to share what does go on.

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