Horizontal Sliders

The slider is a design that allows both sashes (sometimes called “vents”) to slide independently, allowing for maximum ventilation. They are often used in openings where the width is greater than the height. Our sliders operate with fingertip ease and allow for maximum viewing area.

Sliders come in the 2-Lite and 3-Lite varieties. In a 2-Lite slider, each sash slides. In a 3-Lite slider, both sashes on either end slide, while the center panel is stationary.

Slider Windows Features:

  • Triple-fin enhanced interlocking meeting rail
  • Multiple insulated glazing systems
  • Composite slide pad for smooth operation
  • Composite lock and keeper
  • Superior weeping system to effectively drain water
  • Heavy-duty extruded screen
  • Snap-lock sliding track that is removable for easy cleaning
  • Snap-in security blocks in header
  • Ventilation limit latch with snap-spring operation
  • Both sashes lift out for easy cleaning from inside the home
  • Fixed center on 3-lite

Tilt-N-Slide Windows

Be sure to ask us about our Tilt-N-Slide option – Our twist on the traditional slider. This unique window not only operates as a horizontal slider, but each sash actually swings in for easy cleaning. Even the center section of the large 3-Lite sliders can tilt into the house.

Tilt-N-Slide Windows Features:

  • Industry-leading, preferred engineering tilt mechanism for easy cleaning from inside
  • Caliper brake system locks the sash into place when tilted inward for safety
  • Anti-swing lock allows sash to be locked open
  • Unique dual weeping system effectively drains and channels water
  • Smooth rolling operation using roller hardware and track system
  • Multiple insulated glazing systems
  • Ventilation limit latch with snap-spring operation

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