Color System

Traditionally, vinyl replacement windows have only come in white or tan, limiting your ability to customize your home’s exterior look. At Viviano's, we believe that life is colorful! You deserve to make your home as beautiful as you can imagine – and now you can with Viviano's.

We offers 16 standard exterior colors and unlimited custom color matching. Combine that with our 7 interior finishes, including five popular woodgrains, and your options are virtually endless. So go ahead, get inspired. Make your house stand out in the neighborhood, enhance your curb appeal and design an exterior look that is uniquely yours.

Our exterior polymer coating system is at the forefront of industry technology. Not only is it durable, but heat-reflective and environmentally friendly, too.

Custom Grids (Muntins)

We can coordinate the interior and exterior color of your windows with our Custom Grid Program. Color custom grids are available for most color combinations. Consult with your specialty retailer for up-to-date styles.

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