Casement, Awning, and Hopper Windows

Aesthetic beauty, security, and utility are all included with a casement window. Casement Windows crank out like a door on a hinge. They open outward to either the left or the right, and can be joined together (mulled). It is not uncommon to see double and/or triple casement combinations.

An Awning Window is like a casement turned on its side but with different hardware. This special hardware allows it to hinge at the top and open towards the outside from the bottom. When open it looks like an awning, hence the name

Casements and awnings can be combined in many ways to create very dramatic Palladian-style window walls. These combination window walls can improve the entire look and feel of your home.

Hopper Windows are windows somewhat similar to awning windows, yet in reverse. Hoppers are hinged at the bottom of the window and open from the top to the inside of the home. Hoppers are most commonly used in basements.

Our warranty fully covers defects and parts failure for the life of the product. Any and all service issues are personally handled by a member of our staff to your complete satisfaction.

Casement/Awning Windows features:

  • Multiple insulated glazing systems
  • Superior bulb-type seal for outstanding “seal”ability
  • Aesthetically-superior beveled edge sash design
  • Extruded heavy screen frame blends into the frame for a sleek look

Casement Windows features:

  • Fold-away nesting handle
  • Heavy-duty hardware with ratcheted gear operation
  • Multi-point locking system which operates from a single locking bar
  • Opens a full 90° for easy cleaning from inside the home
  • Egress system is avalable.

Awning Windows features:

  • Smooth, scissor-style operator with fold-away nesting handle
  • Dual-locking handles for added security
  • Quick-disconnect clips on operator allow 90° opening for easy cleaning
    from inside the home.

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